Work with Sustainability and Innovation first.

We want to create sustainable impact. But we cannot do it alone: Let’s take climate action to the next level together.

Working with reLi

Be Heard

New ideas are the starting point of innovation. Work in an environment where you will be heard.

Remote First

Find the model that works best for you. 100% remote, 100% office, or hybrid.

Push the Boundaries of Sustainability

We do things differently and we do it for our precious planet. With reLi your hard work will create a positive impact on the environment

Create a Circular Economy

Become a part of the circular economy and help us reduce battery waste and slow down resource depletion.

Work-place Values

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For the Environment

Sustainability lies at our Core.

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For Technology

Innovation is our weapon of choice.

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For You

Autonomy and Freedom enables us to achieve more

Job Opportunities