A Smart Brain for your Battery

Get the best out of your battery with reLi

Optimize Operations

Track Data

Optimally Control 

A Longer Lifetime

By optimizing your battery’s operating pattern, reLi’s innovative algorithm extends your battery’s lifetime by up to 35% compared to normal operation.


By maximizing the lifetime of batteries, we can reduce the need for producing new batteries and extracting new materials.

Higher Revenues

Our system is not only good for the environment but also for customers' revenue on their projects. With better operation, your batteries can produce up to 70% more revenue than they would without.
How do we do it?

• reLi collects battery data from the battery and from the other renewable assets

• With the data obtained from the different battery components, reLi’s innovative algorithm optimizes operation for maximizing profits and lifetime

• Useful data about your system is presented on the IoT platform

• reLi takes control of the battery and operates it optimally

• reLi uses new data to keep improving the models 

Operate your battery better.

• Track battery and renewable asset activity

• Get insights and predictions on the future behaviour of your system

• Understand your battery better by getting accurate information on battery health and lifetime

• Optimally operate your battery for maximized lifetime and health with reLi battery optimization

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Why Us?

CO2 Reduction

Innovative Technology

Increased Lifetime

High Savings